Job Listings

Power Electronics Engineer
Location: Phoenix, AZ
Application: Space/Military
Requirements: BSEE, Solid Analog design, Power Electronics, inverters, IGBT, Spice, Mathcad
RF Design Engineer
Location: Rockville, MD
Application: Military/DoD
Requirements: BSEE, RF circuit design to the component level, Antenna design, Microwave, circuit analysis tools such as MWO or ADS
Analog Design Engineer
Location: Atlanta, GA
Application: Medical Device
Requirements: BSEE, Analog design e.g. OpAmps, PLLs, Oscillators, A/D and D/A converter design
Digital Design Engineer
Location: Milwaukee, WI
Application: Aerospace
Requirements: BSEE, FPGA design, Xilinx or Altera, DO-254, VHDL
Digital Board Design Engineer
Location: Warrenton, VA
Application: Communications-Video and Audio
Requirements: BSEE, Strong digital board level design and simulation, signal integrity analysis, card design, HSPICE
Embedded Software Engineer
Location: St Louis, MO
Application: Defense/Aerospace
Requirements: BSCS or BSCE, Embedded software development, 8/16/32 bit processors, Linux, VxWorks
Device Driver Developer
Location: Bridgeport, CT
Application: Medical device
Requirements: BSCS or BSCE, Windows or Linux device driver development, Kernel development, C and C++, BSP, 32 bit processors
Test Engineer/Labview Developer
Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Requirements: BSEE or equivalent exp., Test engineering, ATE design, In-circuit-test LabVIEW development
Systems Engineer
Location: Detroit, MI
Application: Military/DoD
Requirements: BS degree, Requirements analysis, specification writing, HW/SW integration, DOORS
.Net Developer
Location: Austin, TX
Requirements: BSCS, Solid .Net development, C#/VB.Net/ASP.Net, SQL and Oracle
EMI Engineer
Location: MI
Duration: 6+ months
Requirements: BSEE, 10 experience years experience in Aerospace Systems EMC, Lightning & HIRF design and certification
RF Engineer
Location: VA
Duration: 6+ months
Requirements: BSEE, experience in telecommunications systems design, with emphasis in design of RF antenna systems and two-way land mobile radio voice and data systems.  Experience with EDACS and the Erlang C traffic analysis tools.  
Manufacturing Engineer
Location: SC
Duration: 6+ months
Requirements: BS Degree from ABET accredited course.  Must have aircraft background, tooling, structures and composites a plus
Systems Engineer
Location: MI
Duration: 1 yr +
Requirements: BS Degree, DOORS, UML, Rational Toolset


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